Simplifying patello-femoral arthroplasty (PFA)

The Gender Solutions PFJ System is designed to address the anatomical differences among men and women with a reproducible instrumentation platform, aiming to simplify patello-femoral arthroplasty (PFA).


  • Knee Reconstruction
  • Partial Knee Replacement


  • Patello-femoral Arthroplasty


Gender Solutions PFJ Clinical Results

Patients Needed No Further Surgery


At an average of 4.9 years, excluding traumatic injuries and MUA1

Good to Excellent Results


In a multi-centre study of 79 knees2

Functioning Without Pain in Daily Activities


In a multi-centre study of 79 knees2

System Features

Modified, Thinner Anterior Flange

A thinner anterior flange helps avoid overstuffing and is designed to address the female population’s unique need for shorter medial and lateral condyle heights compared to men.3


Increased Trochlear Groove Angle

“This enhanced tracking angle has proven particularly useful in female patients, who account for approximately two thirds of PFA recipients and who often have an increased Q-angle, dysplasia and patellar subluxation preoperatively…”4


Proprietary Guided Milling System

A simple instrument, eliminating challenges and errors presented in freehand techniques.5 By referencing native cartilage to determine varus/ valgus placement, the intercondylar region of the implant is flush with surrounding cartilage to help avoid impingement of the patellar component.


Compatible Patella

The PFJ Prosthesis is compatible with Gender Solutions Natural-Knee® Flex, and NexGen® Standard All-Polyethylene, Porous, or Augmentation Patella.


Compared to TKA

  • PFA is associated with shorter postoperative rehabilitation6
  • PFA is associated with better knee kinematics in the sagittal plane due to the preservation of the tibiofemoral articulation, menisci, ACL and other supporting ligaments6
  • PFA patients showed better functionality, less blood loss and greater return to activity7

Flexible Solution suitable for Bi-Compartmental Knee Arthroplasty

  • The Gender Solutions PFJ is compatible with the Persona® Partial Knee, the next generation in fixed bearing partial knee design with 97.3% patient satisfaction at 2 years8
  • The highest failure mode for PFA is progression of osteoarthritis to other compartments2
  • Bicompartmental knee arthroplasty (BKA) is a viable solution for many patients where the trochlear component after PFA is well-fixed and functioning, but there is progression of disease to either the medial or lateral compartments
  • Early clinical results have shown excellent pain relief, knee function and restoration of appropriate knee alignment with BKA9


Gender Solutions Patello-Femoral Joint System Surgical Video

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Gender Solutions Patello-Femoral Joint Milling Handpiece Cleaning and Sterilization Procedures

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