Surgical Lights and Booms

Comprehensive Solution

The Omni Suite offers more than 3,000 products creating one of the most comprehensive platforms for your Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit and Anesthesia needs.

We offer a traditional and low-profile configuration of booms and lights to customize a solution for your most advanced procedure rooms while also meeting the reduced infrastructure needs of the cost conscious customer.

Volar Ceiling Mounted Equipment Handling

Omni Suite offers a portfolio of technology with innovative features:

  • Hundreds of configurations of accessories and boom services
  • Integrated OmniLink (Router) to remove unnecessary construction

Claro Surgical Lights

  • Zimmer Biomet Surgical Lights are designed to provide a powerful lighting solution with a minimized footprint.
  • 160,000 Lux illumination from a proprietary parabolic dish design reflects the entire spectrum of light emitted by each LED lamp without dispersion. The result is fewer LEDs needed and to help minimize irradiated heat in the operating field

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