AI & Data Analytics

Today’s Operating Room staff are overwhelmed with data entry and redundant tasks that may compete with patient care. The Omni Suite is more than just another manual integration solution – it is a smart system designed to work with your staff throughout the procedure by prompting checklist completion, automating text communication among team members, and configuring data displays to help optimize your OR workflow.

The OmniLink and OmniSight products are powered by a Windows based operating system designed for easy integration with other web-based applications. We listened to customers and delivered a system that is intelligent, automated and data driven to provide tangible benefits at a reasonable price point.


Operating Room Brain

  • Centralized hub for all connected devices, applications and data
  • Proprietary Rules Engine drives automated commands and display configurations
  • 4K quality video processing and display
  • Minimized footprint allows for simple mounting under the shelf

OmniSight Interactive Touch Display

  • Automated configuration driven artificial Intelligence (object recognition)
  • Customized by procedure type, surgeon preference and surgical workflow
  • Integrated Data Display with automated start/stop timers and counter function
  • Fully interactive 50” or 65” touch screen display

Data Analytics

We live in an environment where Value Based Healthcare prevails. Procedure reimbursements are being cut while operating room costs rise. Now more than ever, it is critical that you have accurate and relevant data to help make better decisions. The Omni Suite platform automates the process of gathering data to make it real-time and improve data integrity, giving you one of the tools you need to help you succeed in a Pay for Performance world.

The Omni Suite data analytics platform provides:
  • Automated data collection using AI (object recognition)
  • Data can be filtered by person, procedure, specialty, functional area
  • Real-time Variant Analysis to Budget or Benchmark
  • Actionable Data to support Performance Management

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