A.L.P.S.® Clavicle Plating System

The Efficient, Comprehensive Plating Solution for Clavicle Fractures


The A.L.P.S. Clavicle Plating System offers three families of plating solutions based on varied fracture patterns and surgeon preference. The system was designed to allow both intuitive fit and intraoperative flexibility to customize plate fit as desired through contouring and shortening.


The anterior, superior, and distal superior plates were designed using a bone database.

  • Low-profile plates in both standard and narrow widths to help minimize plate prominence
  • Plates designed to be easily contoured and shortened to fit a variety of fracture patterns
  • System accommodates, non-locking, locking as well as multi-directional screws which allows the surgeon to capture comminuted fragments


Instrumentation designed with features to help the surgeon minimize damage to adjacent soft tissue structures such as the subclavian vessels, nerves, and the lung.

  • Instruments are designed to provide precise measurements which allow the surgeon to make appropriate screw selection
  • Short drill limits the maximum drill depth to reduce the potential for damage to surrounding soft tissue structures
  • System includes a Crego Elevator that can act as a drill protector beneath the clavicle


All aspects of this system including the tray, implants and the instruments were designed to maximize efficiency in the O.R.

  • One drill, one driver following plate selection simplifies the procedure for the surgical team
  • 18 plates optimally designed to cover fracture patterns and length options similar to those of similar systems offering 30+ implants1-3
  • Temporary stabilization of the fracture through medial and lateral K-wire holes 

Additional Information

  1. Synthes LCP Clavicle Plating System contains 40 plate designs. Synthes 3.5mm LCP Superior and Superior Anterior Clavicle Plates Technique Guide. Printed 8/11. J9486-D.
  2. Stryker Variax Clavicle Locking Plating System contains 43 plate designs. Variax Clavicle Locking Plating System Operative Technique. (Doc. No. VAX-ST-8 Rev. 3, 09-2015)
  3. Acumed Clavicle Plating System contains 33 plate designs. Acumed Clavicle Plating System Surgical Technique (Doc. No. SHD10-02-H Effective 2017/09)


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