Advanced locking technology in a periarticular plate.

The Zimmer Periarticular Proximal Tibial Locking Plate System combines locking screw technology with a conventional periarticular plate designed to create fixed-angle constructs for use in stabilization of osteotomies and fractures, including: comminuted fractures, supracondylar fractures, intra/extraarticular condylar fractures, fractures in osteopenic bone, nonunions and malunions. The plates accommodate both standard screws and locking screws with threaded heads. When necessary, interfragmentary compression can be achieved using standard screws in the dual compression slots.


  • Tibia

Product Type

  • Plates and Screws

System Features




  • The anatomically designed plates are pre-contoured to create a fit that requires little or no additional bending and helps with metaphyseal/diaphyseal reduction.


  • This is designed to facilitate fixation without impinging on soft tissue. The plate can be used to control a medial fracture fragment with dual compression slows that accommodate periarticular screws or conventional stainless steel screws and allow bi-directional compression. 


  •  Locking screws in a bone plate create a fixed-angle construct. In osteopenic bone or fractures with multiple fragments, secure bone purchase with conventional screws may be compromised. The locking screws do not rely on bone/plate compression to resist patient load but function similar to multiple small angled blade plates.

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