Anatomically designed to replicate natural anatomy

The Zimmer Natural Nail System is the next generation of intramedullary nails. They are characterized by their anatomic shape, which is intended to replicate the natural anatomic shape of the various long bones in the human skeleton. These nails have been designed for specific applications to help surgeons restore the shape of the fractured bone to its natural, pre-injured state.


  • Hip & Femur
  • Tibia

Product Type

  • Intramedullary Nailing


Cephalomedullary Nails

The Zimmer Natural Nail Cephalomedullary is designed to help surgeons restore the shape of the damaged bone when treating intertrochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures. 

Anterior bow matches natural anatomic shape:

-Left and right versions available

-Small proximal section is designed to minimize bone removal 

-Dynamic and static distal screw options designed to maintain length and alignment during healing

-Femoral head lag screw provides proximal fixation while controlling bone segments

-Spiral or straight flutes to moderate stiffness and help facilitate insertion

-Monobloc guide for three CCD angles (125°, 130°, 135°) 

Tibia Nails

Antegrade Femoral Nails

Retrograde Femoral Nails



  •  The system allows surgeons to address a wide range of anatomical implant shapes and sizes providing a precise, anatomic fit. 


  • The systems utilizes intuitive instrumentation that is designed to allow for simplified and repeatable procedures.


  • This advanced technology offers robust nail-screw-bone construct.


CMN- Surgical Technique

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