Rigid constructs with few components and minimal steps

The XtraFix External Fixation System allows surgeons to build rigid constructs for long bone and pelvic fractures with few components and steps.


  • Tibia, Hip & Femur

Product Type

  • External Fixation

System Features



Streamlined Workflow

  • All pins and instruments are color coded to simplify steps for the surgical team. Each pin, whether it is a 5mm/6mm diameter shank (XtraFix Large 11mm System) or a 4mm diameter shank (XtraFix Small 6mm System), is also sized to reduce overall clamp inventory.

Variable Options for Best Fit

  • Components are available in a wide selection of pin and bar diameters and lengths. Transitioning from XtraFix Large 11mm to Small 6mm components on the same frame is facilitated by XtraFix Large 11mm Pin-to-Bar Clamps.


  • Efficiency Multi-Pin Clamps have 2-Bar and 1-Bar jaw attachments built-in to the clamp with the goal of reducing the number of components required to construct a frame. Quick- connect ends are designed into pins and drills to save time during implantation.
  • All clamps have a SnapLoc latch that actively prevents bars and pins from popping out. Clamps also feature one-nut tightening designed to save time intra-operatively.


XtraFix External Fixation Video

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