A preassembled embedded locking mechanism

The Phoenix Retrograde Femoral Nail System features CoreLock Technology that offers a preassembled locking mechanism that allows the four distal screws to be mechanically locked which is designed to provide enhanced distal femoral fixation.


  • Hip and Femur

Product Type

  • Plates and Screws


Minimally invasive

  • The CoreLock technology allows four distal screws to be mechanically locked to provide distal femoral fixation. 

Ease of use

  • CoreLock Technology eliminates freehand insertion and set screw grooving allows for screw removal without disengaging the set screw. 


Phoenix Retrograde Femoral Nail System with Michael Strycharz

Femoral Nailing Using a Flat Top Table

Hip Fracture/Mid-Shaft Femoral Nailing using a fracture Tables

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