Offering solutions for fixation of particularly complex periprosthetic fractures

The NCB (Non-Contact Bridging) Periprosthetic Femur System is a line of polyaxial locking plates for the treatment of femur fractures, particularly periprosthetic femur fractures. The system is indicated for temporary internal fixation and stabilization of fractures and osteotomies of long bones, including: periprosthetic fractures, comminuted fractures, supracondylar fractures, fractures in osteopenic bone, nonunions and malunions. 


  • Hips and Femur

Product Type

  • Periprosthetic Plates

System Features




  • The locking construct offers stability especially in osteopenic bone. Before locking, the screws can act as lag screws and be used for fracture reduction; a benefit which is not offered with standard locking systems.

Anatomically Designed

  • Includes shaped scallops, to facilitate plate contouring across solid cross sections, away from holes.


  • Offers multiple plate and screw options to best fit the patient’s needs.  


Zimmer NCB Periprosthetic Femur Plating System

NCB Peri-Prosthetic Plating Intro

Zimmer NCB Sawbone Demo

Introduction to NCB PP

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