Designed to provide improved metaphyseal void fill and increase structural support of the implant4

The first augmented fixation system, integrating fenestrated screws and a Bone Substitute Material (BSM) into a single construct to provide metaphyseal bone void fill and structural support to the screw. 

The N-Force Fixation System is comprised of fenestrated screws, washers and N-Force Blue Bone Substitute Material (BSM). N-Force Blue is injected directly into the fenestrated screw with the use of a sheath which is designed to help minimize BSM leakage into the soft tissues. 


  • Tibia, Hip & Femur

Product Type

  • Cannulated Screws




  • The system is designed to provide fracture stability and K-wire fixation, when sequential drilling and screw insertion has been performed. 


  • N-Force Blue BSM is used in conjunction with the N-Force Fixation System® providing a convenient mixing injection system.


  • The proprietary nano crystalline calcium phosphate mimics the chemical structure of human bone to facilitate remodeling1-4. N-Force Blue sets hard in a wet environment and may be irrigated after setting allowing for a complete defect fill2.


N-Force Blue Mixing Video

N-Force™ Fixation Femoral Neck Procedure

Zimmer Biomet N-Force Fixation System Animation Tibial

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