Advanced Anatomic Design. Enhanced Fixation. Streamlined Instrumentation.

Over the past two decades, DVR® has helped change the treatment of distal radius fractures and has been continually improved and adapted to provide a broad range of surgical options to help surgeons address the needs of their patients. 


  • Hand and Wrist

Product Type

  • Plates and Screws


DVR Anatomic Volar Plating System 

DVR Volar Rim Plating System

DVR Crosslock Distal Radius Plating System

DVR Wrist Plating System 



  • All locking, non-locking and oblong holes accept the 2.7 mm screws, requiring a single drill bit and driver. This allows surgeons and OR staff to streamline workflow, minimizing the need to interchange instruments during the procedure. Additionally, the system indicates side-specific implants by color-coding creating an efficient and easy-to-use system.

Optimal Fixation

  • A narrow shaft is designed to make it easy to fit the plate to bone without compromising fixation options. Cross-locking oblique screw options are designed to provide three-dimensional fixation in commuted fractures and osteoporotic bone. Pegs and locking screws have tapered heads and triple-lead threads to create a stiff construct and enhance insertion and removal characteristics. 

Intra-operative Flexibility

  • Cobalt chrome multi-directional pegs and fixed-angle K-wire holes aid the surgeon with optimized plate positioning and provide the flexibility to adjust peg trajectories while still creating a strong, stable construct. 


DVR Plating Solutions

DVR Volar Rim Plate Animation

DVR Crosslock Instructional Video

Zimmer Biomet DVR Crosslock Animation

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