Addressing the challenges and complexity involved in the repair of elbow fractures.

Low profile, contoured plates mimic the anatomy of the distal humerus, olecranon, radial head and coronoid. Since no two patients are the same, the A.L.P.S. Elbow system plates are designed for in-situ contouring. 


  • Shoulder and Elbow

Product Type

  • Plates and Screws


Medial Plate

Lateral Plate

Posterior Lateral Plate

Olecranon Plate 

Coronoid Plate 

Proximal Radial Plate


Low-Profile Plate Design

  •  The smooth implant surface is designed to minimize soft tissue irritation. Each plate is designed to match the anatomy at the specified location. Additional contouring can be performed in situ  for fine adjustments. 

Versatility & Strength

  • Multi-direction locking screw technology provides versatility and strength with a cone of angulation of up to 25, which enable simplified targeting and capturing of fragments. The locking screws lock into the plate by creating their own thread. 

Minimize Potential Damage

  • Available in small and large sizes with a bullet tip that facilitates submuscular insertion designed to minimize soft tissue disruption.



Surgical Approach:

The system includes anatomically contoured plates including Medial, Lateral, Posterior Lateral, Olecranon, Proximal Radial Head, and Coronoid designs. All plates have TiMAX surface treatment benefits of increased fatigue strength compared to 316L Electropolished Stainless Steel, Type I Anodized titanium, and machined titanium.1 F.A.S.T. Guide inserts incorporating flexible plating technology have been inserted into all implants for fast drilling as well as in-situ contouring to allow for a true anatomic fit.  


ALPS® Elbow Fracture Plating System

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