REDEFINING COMFORT with a surgical helmet system that responds to your needs.

The ViVi Surgical Helmet System is the quietest1 and most lightweight2,3 surgical helmet available,* illuminated by a powerful 100,000 Lux LED light. It keeps clinicians cool and comfortable, while providing clear visibility for precise surgical procedures.


Keeps clinicians COOL with a proprietary two-fan system that reduces the internal recirculation of CO2 and directs it away from the patient.4

  • Allows air exchange rates over 40 times per minute to enable a cool internal suit temperature
  • Features activity sensing that automatically adjusts fan speed to clinician’s level of activity


The quietest1 and most lightweight2,3 surgical helmet available, allowing clinicians to be COMFORTABLE during use.

  • Balanced design featuring a carbon fiber (CFRP) frame weighing 0.82 lbs. (370g)
  • Limits distraction and discomfort from noise with 57 dBa by utilizing the quietest air intake and exhaust system


Provides CLEAR visibility with a 190° distraction-free visual field.

  • Powerful 100,000 Lux LED light 
  • Positioned outside the “field of vision”, the light provides a wide range of motion that allows light adjustments from 0° to -55°


Product Features


  • With a carbon fiber (CFRP) frame weighing 0.82 lbs. (370 g), ViVi is the lightest2,3 surgical helmet available

Touchless Control

  • ViVi uses motion-sensing technology that recognizes gestures and automatically adjusts the surgical helmet fan speed to a clinician’s level of physical activity


  • ViVi limits discomfort from noise with the quietest1 air intake and exhaust system available

Large Field of Vision

  • Provides a large field of vision with a 190° distraction-free view in the operating room

Cool & Comfortable

  • Two-fan system provides high-performance air intake, while reducing the internal recirculation of CO2

Bright LED Light

  • Powerful 100,000 Lux LED Light

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