The Power of Precision

For more than 50 years, Zimmer Biomet has been committed to precision when it comes to skin grafting.


  • Air
  • AN


  • Skin Graft Mesher / Meshgraft II

When using our Air Dermatomes, you have greater confidence and better results. Our systems are designed for consistent, reliable skin graft retrieval.

Zimmer Biomet® Air Dermatome

Zimmer® Dermatome AN

Meshgraft II

Zimmer Biomet® Skin Graft Mesher


The Power of Choice

  • With the Zimmer Dermatome AN, Air or Electric Dermatomes, you choose the power source that works best for you. All deliver the same smooth cutting action that produce, clean uniform cuts.


  • All three Zimmer Dermatomes provide accurate cuts every time. They deliver a smooth, high-speed blade action which allows for virtually effortless cutting.

Added Safety

  •  Because safety is always a concern, we incorporate a safety lever to help prevent accidental activation during handling.


  • Along with performance, we’ve also made Zimmer Biomet’s skin grafting instruments simple to maintain for convenience and durability.


  • Our handpieces have a slim, sleek design that makes it easy to hold and control with either hand. Their design also provides a natural fit to enhance accuracy and reduce hand fatigue.


Zimmer® Dermatome AN

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