SwitchCut™ Reaming System

The SwitchCut Reaming System for ACL Reconstruction is the first self-flipping retro reaming technology to hit the market. This robust design is a user-friendly instrumentation system and a great addition to the current Biomet Sports Medicine ACL portfolio. In addition, the SwitchCut femoral guide in this system is designed to assist in successfully locating the I.D.E.A.L Femoral Tunnel Location during an ACL procedure.

System Features

  • Quick and easy deployment of the blade by simply switching power on the drill from forward to reverse

  • Blade will deploy once it contacts bone in a reverse setting

  • Cannulated reamers allow for passing of the Nitinol loop through the tunnel to keep tunnel placement

  • 6-12 mm reamer sizes, including half sizes 

  • Left and Right specific femoral guides

  • Point to Point tibial guide


SwitchCut Reaming System Video

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