Convenient Closing

Streamline your subscapularis repair process with the convenience of Subscapularis Repair Kits. The sterilized kits contain a comprehensive suture, tape and drill bit arrangement to facilitate soft tissue repair.

Two flexible configurations equip you with everything needed for this procedure in one concise kit.


  • Complete, sterilized kit
  • Intuitive packaging provides accessible suture identification and application throughout procedure
  • Minimal materials to manage


  • Assorted needle types to help facilitate suture/tape passage
  • Multiple kit configurations for maximizing repair effort
  • Distinct colors provide optimal visibility for suture management and repair


  • BroadBand® Tape provides a larger footprint over tissue1
  • Non-abrasive, gentle on tissue and gloves

System Features

BroadBand® Tape

  • Provides a broader footprint over tissue1
  • Easy-to-handle material: Smooth, silk-like feel
  • Coreless, single weave braid allows for low profile knots

MaxBraid® Sutures

  • Proprietary braid allows suture to lie flat when tied
  • Made from 100% polyethylene
  • Diverse selection of suture sizes, colors and needle options

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