System Features

Designed to meet the modern demands of tunnel preparation for an ACL reconstruction

Versatile system with the ability to customize the case depending upon the surgeon’s tunnel preference

  • Four instrument caddies contain reusable guides and reamers

  • Interchangeable caddies can be chosen based on the desired femoral and tibial tunnel preference

Meets modern demands for implant preparation for ACL reconstruction

Contains all reusable instrumentation for implanting any of Zimmer Biomet’s ACL femoral or tibial fixation

Includes graft harvesting instrumentation along with tools necessary for sizing grafts, notch preparation, and graft passing

Two separate stand-alone trays that may be included dependent upon surgeon’s technique preference

  • Precision IFS Tray: contains instrumentation designed for interference screw implantation.

  • Precision WasherLocTray: contains instrumentation designed for WasherLoc Tibial Fixation device.

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