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The ideal passer for tubular tendons from Zimmer Biomet’s extensive suture passer collection is the Lock-Stitch Tenodesis Passer. With the rounded jaw, ideal for tubular tendons, the Lock-Stitch Tenodesis Passer easily grasps and tags tendons arthroscopically with the option to still externalize the tendon. This passer eliminates the need to whipstitch tendons for O.R. efficiency by reducing procedural steps.

Along with the passer is the Lock-Stitch Kit that comes with a Suture Passer Needle and two TRU-LOOP® #2 suture loops to create an instantaneous cinching knot. The TRU-LOOP suture loop is cleared for general soft tissue approximation and is most commonly used for biceps tendon stitching and rotator cuff suture passing.


Quattro Bolt Tenodesis Screw Animation

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