Interpositional Scaffold-Anchor Implants for Rotator Cuff Repair

BioWick is the first all-in-one, interpositional scaffold-anchor implant designed to address both the biological and mechanical issues of rotator cuff repair. By combining an interpositional scaffold wick & traditional suture anchor into one implant, BioWick offers a comprehensive approach to repair.

System Features

Unique “Interpositional” Scaffold Wick

Arthroscopically deployed at the tendon-bone interface where tendon-bone integration needs to occur.

  • Aligned PLGA (85/15 L-lactide/glycolide copolymer) fibers mimic the orientation of collagen fibers in the native tendon1
  • 80% porous architecture allows for high permeability
  • Bioresorbable material is designed to be replaced by tissue over time

Results from the BioWick SureLock® Implant Sheep Study demonstrate that the BioWick Implant yields statistically significant improvements to the following healing parameters at the tendon-bone interface at 12 weeks versus controls2,3

  • Higher percentage of tissue Integration at the tendon-bone interface
  • Greater new bone formation at the tendon-bone interface
  • Higher percentage of perpendicular fibers at the tendon-bone interface
  • Higher levels of collagen III at the tendon-bone interface

All-in-One Scaffold Wick + Suture Anchor Design

Designed to address the biological issues of rotator cuff repair while also providing strong mechanical fixation

  • BioWick X: 5.5mm double-loaded or 6.5mm triple-loaded PEEK implants with  interpositional scaffold wick

  • BioWick SureLock: 2.7mm double-loaded all-suture implant with interpositional scaffold wick

Simple, Reproducible Technique

All-in-one delivery requires no modification to standard surgical technique / No additional OR time

Same insertion and deployment method as a standard medial row anchor


BioWick X Implant Surgical Video with Dr. Joseph Abboud

BioWick SureLock Implant Scope Video with Dr. Dean Cummings

BioWick X Implant Animation

Watch Animation

BioWick SureLock Animation

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