System Features

Continuing the legacy of engineering innovation, the Comprehensive Mini Humeral Tray provides:

  • 40 mm diameter humeral tray, designed to address medial overhang on smaller patients, to minimize scapular notching and provide for optimal range of motion.
  • SIM-LocTechnology secures the bearing to the humeral tray, and can be assembled with finger force for ease of assembly intraoperatively.
  • Robust humeral tray with increased radius on post/base intersection and thicker base compared to previous designs.
  • Intuitive instrumentation designed to facilitate ease of use in the operating room. Instruments are laid out in the order of surgical flow.
  • Material Technologies  Zimmer Biomet’s exclusive Vivacit-E® and Prolong® Highly Cross-linked Polyethylene are designed to minimize the potential for wear and oxidative degradation1-4  
  • Full Compatibility with both the Comprehensive and Trabecular Metal Reverse Shoulder Systems. Both systems available in 36 and 40 mm glenospheres and bearings, designed to allow surgeons to mix systems to facilitate both surgeon preferences as well as address unusual/difficult cases. Mini Humeral Trays are also compatible with Segmental Revision System (SRS) and ASHCOM Shoulder. The ASHCOM Shoulder is an adapter that allows the combination of the Anatomical Shoulder Humeral Stems with the Comprehensive Trays.


Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Humeral Surgical Technique

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