Stem and Positioning System

The Comprehensive Fracture System was designed for complex fractures of the proximal humerus. It is also cleared for use in non-fracture cases and can be cemented or press-fit. The system is compatible with the humeral heads and glenoids of the Comprehensive Shoulder System.

Fracture Stem

  • Reverse Morse taper for improved glenoid access
  • Hashmarks aid proper reproduction of humeral height
  • Lateral/medial fins with suture holes for optimal tuberosity fixation
  • Engineered contour suture holes means significant reduction in suture wear1
  • Reduced proximal body and 45 degree neck angle for easier tuberosity reconstruction
  • Made from CoCr, which has a higher modulus of elasticity than titanium, allowing for less resistance to flexing within the humeral canal
  • Material properties of CoCr provide for smaller stem sizes than titanium

Internal Positioning Sleeve

  • Complete internal design eliminates need for external jig
  • Internal design does not interfere with range of motion assessment
  • Sleeve secures trials and final prosthesis at desired height
  • Constructed of PMMA

Straight-forward Surgical Technique

  • Ream
  • Tap
  • Insert positioning sleeve
  • Trial

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