Complements the body's natural healing processes and encourages normal bone structure 

Unrivaled flexibility for delivery and application 

Completely absorbs to leave no trace

In 12 months, genex is completely absorbed and remodeled while leaving no foreign artifacts after resorption1,2

Biphasic composite of purity, balance, and characteristics

Our proprietary recrystallization and purification methods removes impurities from genex such as6

  • No inflammatory pyrophosphates 
  • No slow and non-absorbing compounds such as hydroxyapatite

Several studies have concluded healthy bone is restored in a clinically relevant timeframe7-9

genex is a precisely balanced ß tricalcium phosphate/calcium sulfate hemihydrate compound with distinct design properties:

  • Contains no hydroxyapatite (HA)
  • Negatively charged surface chemistry
  • Compressive strength similar to trabecular bone


Negatively charged genex enhances the osteogenic response to accelerate bone growth10,14

  • genex containts no hydroxyapatite.
  • HA can only be absorbed at 1-2% per year12
  • up to 5 times normal levels (on the image):
  • In-vitro human osteoblast culture, 3 days11

System Features

  • Unrivaled flexibility of delivery and application
  • Closed-mixing system is 2x faster to prepare than open mixing system13
  • Longer working time
  • Drillable 15 minutes after mixing



genex® Trailer

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