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We are excited to speak to players and spectators alike at our interactive, on-site activations at pickleball tournaments across the United States showcasing product innovations and educating and raising awareness of the importance of joint health to get you back in the game!



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*Gel-One important safety information: Before using Gel-One Hyaluronate, tell your doctor if you are allergic to hyaluronan products, cinnamon, or products from birds such as feathers, eggs, and poultry. Gel-One Hyaluronate is only for injection into the knee, performed by a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. You should not receive Gel-One Hyaluronate injection if you have a skin disease or infection around the area where the injection will be given. Gel-One Hyaluronate has not been tested to show pain relief in joints other than the knee and for conditions other than OA. Gel-One Hyaluronate has not been tested in patients who are pregnant, mothers who are nursing, or anyone under the age of 21. You should tell your doctor if you think you are pregnant or if you are nursing a child. Talk to your doctor before resuming strenuous or prolonged weight-bearing activities after treatment. The effectiveness of repeat treatment cycles of Gel-One Hyaluronate has not been established. The side effects most commonly seen after injection of Gel-One Hyaluronate in the clinical trial were knee pain, swelling, and/or fluid build-up around the knee. These reactions are generally mild and do not last long. If any of these symptoms or signs appear after you are given Gel-One Hyaluronate or if you have any other problems, you should call your doctor. Ask your surgeon if you are a candidate and discuss potential risks. For additional information, call 1-800-447-5633, or visit www.zimmerbiomet.com.

Zimmer Biomet is a medical device manufacturer and does not practice medicine.

Not all patients are candidates for this product and/or procedure. Only a medical professional can determine the treatment appropriate for your specific condition.  Appropriate postoperative activities and restrictions will differ from patient to patient. Results will vary due to health, weight, activity and other variables.  

Talk to your surgeon about whether joint replacement is right for you and the risks of the procedure, including the risk of implant wear, infection, loosening, breakage or failure, any of which could require additional surgery. To learn more about Zimmer Biomet, obtain helpful information for patients and caregivers, or for assistance in finding a surgeon familiar with our products and surgical techniques, call toll-free at 1-800-447-5633.  To find a doctor near you, click the ‘find-a-doc’ link above.