System Features

This implant is similar to other components of the Comprehensive Shoulder System, designed with convertibility in mind. Similar in size to the Comprehensive Reverse Standard Baseplate it may be implanted cement-free with screws for fixation. It features a boss for shear force resistance and the same central screw option found in the Comprehensive baseplates for excellent compression. 

As a Primary Total Shoulder the Baseplate accepts an E1® liner and is designed to articulate with an anatomic humeral head.

In a revision setting, the poly can be removed and then the baseplate can accept a Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder Glenosphere for complete conversion of the glenoid without removal of the glenoid component.

Product Features

  1. Design similar to the Standard Baseplate of the Comprehensive Shoulder System
  2. Central boss compression screw along with inferior/superior screw options for fixation in addition to PPS® Porous Plasma Spray Coating
  3. Convertible from a TSA to RSA with removal of the poly insert and insertion of a glenosphere

Additional Information

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