Acellular Dermal Matrix

DermaSpan Acellular Dermal (ACD) Matrix is carefully processed to offer biocompatibility as well as biomechanical strength.1,2 DermaSpan ACD can be used in various practices, including orthopedics, plastic surgery, and general surgery, for repair and replacement of damaged or inadequate integumental tissue (wound coverage). DermaSpan ACD can also be used for supplemental support, protection, reinforcement, or covering of tendon.


  • Biologics

Product Type

  • Soft Tissue Management

Sterilization has its advantages

Through a proprietary process DermaSpan Acellular Dermal Matrix is supplied sterile (SAL-10-6).

Histology studies have shown that Precision Dose Sterilization allows the graft to be sterilized while maintaining tissue integrity.1

  • Infiltrated by host tissue in animal studies1
  • Infiltration demonstrates effective graft procedure1

Stronger than suture2

  • Comparing the pull-out strength of separating acellular dermal matrix from suture, the suture failed before the graft2.




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