FRS Fusion and Reconstruction System

The Fusion and Reconstruction System (FRS) is for use in osteotomies and fixation of small bones of the hand and forefoot in fusion procedures. The system includes the FRS-Screw and Twist-Off Screw.

FRS Screw

  • Titanium alloy Screw designed specifically for digital shaft osteotomies and fusion procedures
  • Cannulated- allows for accurate screw-length measurement and the ease of guided insertion
  • Headless- inserted below the bone surface to minimize soft tissue irritation
  • Self-drilling and self-tapping to ease insertion procedure
  • Dual thread design- cortical (proximal portion) and cancellous (distal portion) utilized to create compression across osteotomy site as the screw is inserted
  • Dedicated instrumentation accommodates varied surgical techniques:
  1. Osteotomy guide for precise bone cuts in certain osteotomy procedures
  2. Modular tray accommodates instrument and implant customization, and includes a screw-length gauge
  3. Instrumentation has dual (depth gauge and reverse ruler) screw-length measurement options
  4. Offset osteotomy clamp aids and stabilizes osteotomies fragments
    • Screw design permits downsizing without compromising bone compression
    • Screw diameters:
      •  2.5 distal/3.3 proximal in 10-12 mm lengths
      • 3.0 distal/3.9 proximal in 14-34 mm lengths
    • Indications: Fixation of fracture, fusion of a joint or osteotomies of the hand and foot such as:
      1. Hallux valgus correction
      2. Akin Osteotomies
      3. MTP arthrodesis
      4. Interphalangeal arthrodesis



  • Titanium alloy
  • One-piece design that supports direct connection to a drill or large diameter pin driver
  • Self-drilling and self-tapping with a tapered flat head to ensure cortical drilling
  • Twist-off feature that breaks cleanly upon contact between bone fragments
  • Compression capabilities with a thread-free segment that achieves automatic compression at the osteotomy site
  • Design enables tightening or removal with a dedicated screwdriver
  • Size configuration: 2mm diameter, 11-14mm long
  • Indications: Osteotomies of the lesser metatarsal such as a Weil Osteotomy

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