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Getting Started

The Bone Healing System Components

Getting Started with the Bone Healing System

The following components are included:

  • Controller
  • AC Wall Adapter
  • 28-inch and zero-inch link cables
  • Clip Holder
  • Belt

Charging the Device

To begin charging the device, plug the AC wall adapter into an outlet and then connect the adapter to the controller. An orange light on the side of the controller will light up while charging. Once fully charged, the light will change to green.


Connecting the Device to the Treatment Coil

To connect the link cable to the controller, insert one end of the link cable into the other corresponding end of the controller, until you hear a click.  The 28-inch or zero-inch link cable may be utilized based on the location of the treatment site and the specific treatment coil being utilized.  Then, connect the controller and link cable to the coil.

Beginning treatment

How do I know the system is working?

To begin treatment, press the power button on the controller.

Each time you turn the controller on, the following prompts will be displayed:


After the first day of use, it will also display Patient Usage data.  The controller will automatically record each treatment session. The daily recommended treatment session is ten hours per day.  After 10 hours of daily treatment, the controller will automatically turn off and reset to “0.” Treatment can occur continuously for 10 hours per day or in segments totaling 10 hours per day.  When treating in multiple segments, a minimum of 1 hour is required in order for treatment data to be registered within the controller.  To do this, hold the controller’s power button down until the controller turns off.  When the controller is turned back on after the 1-hour minimum, the amount of time already treated will be displayed for that day. 


Resetting Your Device

Pressing the RESET button for approximately three seconds will result in the display reading “RESETTING...” and the treatment time for that day will return back to “0.”


Watch this short video to learn more about How to Operate the Bone Healing System

Treatment Coil Placement Instructions

Electrode Placement for Fracture Nonunion

Zimmer Biomet offers twelve flexible treatment coils designed to treat  every type of fracture nonunion or failed fusion in the upper and lower extremities of the body. These treatment coils are not included within the system’s assembly. A Zimmer Biomet sales representative will select and supply you with the appropriate treatment coil for your specific treatment location. User safety, configuration and application instructions are included with each treatment coil.

To order an additional treatment coil, free of charge, call Zimmer Biomet’s Customer Service team at 1-800-526-2579, extension 6000.

Instructional videos have been created to provide guidance on how to appropriately configure and apply each treatment coil

Click the image below to view a gallery of treatment coil instructional videos.

2C_BHS Main Frame

Click the image below to view a gallery of videos intended to provide proper treatment coil placement guidance.


The SFLX Treatment Coil Placement Guide illustrates the suggested placement of coils for the most common types of fracture nonunion and failed fusion sites. The SFLX Treatment Coil and Component Package Inserts contain important User, Safety & Application Instructions.

*The person depicted in the videos herein is a paid actress and not a patient

For product information, talk to your healthcare provider and visit
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