Puros-A and -P Allograft Systems

The Puros-A and Puros-P implants were designed with your patients’ anatomies in mind. Indicated for anterior and posterior approaches respectively, these precision-machined thoracolumbar allografts are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and lordotic angles so you can choose the option that best fits the needs of your patient. Each implant includes features to ease insertion, reduce migration and resist pull-out to help support stable fusion procedures. All Puros products work with multiple lines of Zimmer Spine instrumentation to facilitate efficiency in the OR.

  • Consistent shape and size

    Puros-A and Puros-P implants are available in a wide range of precisely machined sizes, heights and lordotic angles to help you fit varying patient anatomies accurately.

  • Designed for stability

    Puros-A and Puros-P implants are created from femoral bone to reduce the likelihood of breakage and provide stability to create an osteoconductive scaffold to facilitate spinal fusion.

  • Validated tissue sterilization process

    Puros-A and Puros-P Allografts are cleaned and sterilized using RTI’s Tutoplast* process. During the Tutoplast process, osmotic, oxidative and alkaline (membrane tissue only) treatments break down cell walls and inactivate pathogens and remove bacteria. Solvent dehydration results in room temperature storage of tissue without damaging the collagen structure. Low-dose gamma irradiation ensures sterility of final packaged product.

*Tutoplast® Process is a registered trademark of Tutogen Medical, GmbH.


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