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Getting Started

The OrthoPak Stimulator System Components

How does OrthoPak work?

The following components are included:

  • Controller
  • Two Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • Charging Cradle
  • AC Wall Adapter
  • A 20 inch and a 48-inch lead wire
  • Soft-Touch® Electrodes
  • Electrode Cover Patches
  • Device Holster

Charging the Battery Packs

To begin charging the first battery pack, connect the AC wall adapter to the charging cradle and plug the adapter into an outlet. The green indicator light is located on the AC Wall adaptor to indicate power. There are two LED lights at the top of the charging cradle which indicate the status of the battery pack. A solid orange light will appear when the battery pack is charging. When the orange light turns off, and a solid green light appears, the battery pack is fully charged.

Connecting the Electrodes

Remove a pair of electrodes from its packaging. To connect the lead wires to the electrodes and controller, first insert the black lead wires into the corresponding white electrode lead wire connectors. Once the electrodes are connected, insert the lead wire plug into the opening at the top of the controller.

Two lightweight electrodes similar in size to a quarter are placed on either side of the fracture nonunion site and should be positioned 180 degrees apart from each other. A small or slight misalignment in electrode placement is allowable. The exact placement of the electrodes should be left up to the discretion of your prescribing physician.

Beginning Treatment

How do I know the system is working?

Open the battery door on the back of the controller by pressing down on the battery door latch and then slide it down to remove it from the controller. Insert a fully charged battery pack into the controller by aligning the arrows on the battery pack with the corresponding arrows in the controller; then, insert it completely and slide the battery door back into place on the controller.

When the battery pack is inserted, the LED light on the top of the controller will blink, indicating the controller is operational. Inserting the battery pack automatically turns the controller on. Once a battery pack has been utilized for the full 24-hour treatment period, it should be replaced.

The controller includes both an audible and visible self-checking alarm mechanism to signal and alert if the controller is not functioning properly. The button located below the controller’s display enables or disables the audible alarm. In the event the controller is beeping and needs to be silenced, press and hold the button below the display until the alarm is disabled. After silencing the alarm, the light will continue to flash and the display will indicate an alarm condition. The alarm should be enabled as a precaution to ensure the controller is always treating. 

The controller will display the following symbols each time it is turned on and activated:

  • The blinking checkmark symbol indicates that the controller is treating;
  • The battery symbol indicates the amount of remaining battery life;
  • The speaker symbol indicates the audible alarm is enabled, which is the default for the audible alarm being active.


In addition to the symbols that appear on the controller’s display once turned on, there are also a variety of symbols that may appear during treatment. Please reference the Patient Manual included with your system assembly for detailed descriptions of each symbol.


Watch this short video to learn more about How to Operate the OrthoPak Stimulator System

Soft-Touch® Electrodes

Included within each system assembly are lightweight Soft-Touch® electrodes. Each pair of electrodes are intended to be worn between one to seven days. To order additional electrodes, free of charge, call Zimmer Biomet’s Customer Service team at 
1-800-526-2579, extension 6000.

Watch this short video to learn more about  the Soft-Touch® Electrodes

Electrode Placement for Fracture Nonunion

Electrode Placement Instructions

The Soft-Touch® electrodes that accompany the OrthoPak are intended to be placed 180 degrees on either side of the fracture nonunion site.

Click the image below to view a gallery of videos intended to provide proper electrode guidance for some of the most common fracture nonunion locations.

Video 3B Screen Grab_Main Frame for Group Section

The OrthoPak Electrode Placement Guide illustrates the typical placement of electrodes for the most common types of fracture nonunion locations.

*The person depicted in the videos herein is a paid actress and not a patient

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