Questions To Ask Before Hip Surgery

Here's a list of questions that may be helpful to ask your doctor before your hip surgery. We suggest you print this list and take it with you on your appointment.


1. What is the implant made of? Which biomaterials will be used?
2. What complications may occur with this kind of surgery?
3. What is the expected recovery time?
4. Will I need full-time or part-time care? If so, for how long?
5. In your estimate, how long will my joint replacement last?



6. How many days will I be in the hospital after surgery?
7. Will I need a hospital bed at home?
8. How soon will I be able to walk after surgery?
9. Will I need crutches or a walker? If so, for how long?
10. When can I shower after surgery?
11. When can I lie on the operative side?
12. How soon will I be able to climb stairs after surgery?
13. How soon will I be able to drive a car after surgery?
14. How soon will I be able to resume normal lifestyle activities besides walking (e.g., work, sports, housework, gardening, etc.)?
15. Which sports may I participate in?
16. What are lifting limits?
17. When is sexual intercourse feasible after surgery?
18. Will I set off the metal detectors at the airport?
19. Will I have physical therapy? If so, how often and for how long?
20. What can I do to help keep my joint replacement functioning as long as possible?
21. What activities or other factors could make my joint replacement wear out more quickly, and what can I do to avoid them?

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