A.L.P.S.® Hand Fracture System

Mimics the Anatomy of Small Bones

  • Anatomic, low-profile plate design
  • TiMAX® Surface Treatment designed for a smooth, uniform surface
  • 3 dimensional contouring and flexible sizing to match the complex bone surfaces
  • Multiple screw options for locking, non-locking, and multi-directional fixation

The A.L.P.S.® Hand Fracture System combines low profile titanium plate metallurgy with multiplanar locking screw technology. The wide variety of plate shapes are designed to be contoured and sized intra-operatively to provide options for many fractures of the foot, from simple fractures to those with high levels of comminution and bone loss. The plates can be cut intra-operatively, aiming to allow custom sizing without increasing inventory.

The locking screws establish a fixed-angle construct designed for strong fixation or when optimal screw purchase is required. The multi-directional locking screws allow for angulation from a fixed angle axis. Multiple screw options allow the screws to be placed as close to the bone as possible to facilitate challenging fracture cases.

  • Low profile aiming to minimise discomfort and soft tissue irritation
  • Plates can be contoured in the axial, coronal, or sagittal planes
  • F.A.S.T. Guide® inserts protect the integrity of the locking hole threads
  • Instrument set modules are colour-coded for easy instrument selection
  • 1.5mm or 2.5mm screw sizes
  • Screws with washers provide compression at fracture site
  • Wide range of plate shapes, including:
    • Straight plates for simple transverse, 2 part mid-shaft fractures
    • T plates for simple 2 or 3 part fractures, especially on bi-condylar head fractures to capture fragments mediolaterally
    • Y plates designed to minimise potential tendon irritation in the joint space by securing fragments mediolaterally while avoiding the dorsal aspect of the bone
    • 1 arm of the Y plates can be removed to create a semi-lateral buttressing plate
    • Web plates for fractures with a higher level of comminution, including bone loss
    • The arms of the web plates can be used to secure fragments or to act as a cage to contain fragments or bone graft without the use of a screw
    • TY plates offer a T end and a Y end for fractures with a higher level of comminution 

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