Zimmer® Dermatome AN

The Power of Precision


With more than 50 years of experience in skin graft instrument design and manufacturing, Zimmer Biomet offers the Zimmer® Dermatome AN. This instrument provides results with consistent, reliable skin graft retrieval.

Product Features include:

  • Auto washable in neutral pH cleaners/detergents
  • Safe handling with proprietary blade and blade cover
  • Sealed to enable soaking and easy removal of debris
  • Width plate secured in place in 3 locations
  • Easy assembly with 1 width plate screw
  • Cutting range from 0.004"- 0.024" (0.1mm – 0.60mm) 

Width Plate Tabs

  • Secures the width plate to the dermatome
  • Ensures proper assembly
  • Holds width plate in place during retrieval

One Width Plate Screw

  • Enables quicker set up/blade change
  • Provides efficient use of OR time

Laser Etching

  • Easier to read adjustment knob

Sealed Unit

  • Protects motor from water ingress and corrosion
  • Enables soaking for dried on debris
  • Allows auto washing in neutral pH detergent

Anodised Coating

  • Allows for auto washing device
  • Neutral pH detergent (6.6 – 7.3 on a pH scale) 

Blade Cover

  • Easy to remove after blade is properly inserted
  • Minimises sharps exposure when inserting/removing the blade

Notch and Key

  • Mates with head design for proper assembly
  • Lowers the chance of incorrect assembly
  • Reduces the risk of patient injury due to improper assembly

Brass Ring

  • Prevents drive pin from enlarging the hole in the blade
  • Ensures full travel distance of the blade for optimal cutting

Finger Cut Outs

  • Allows easy access to lift off blade
  • Improves staff safety

All Zimmer Biomet dermatomes are recommended for service and electronic calibration annually. Learn more at www.service.zimmer.com.

An annual Clinical Excellence visit is included with Premium Warranty on the Zimmer Dermatome AN during the duration of the service agreement. For more information contact SurgicalSales-ClinicalExcellence@zimmerbiomet.com

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