Reusable Contour Cuffs


Zimmer Biomet Reusable Surgical Cuffs are designed and manufactured to ensure  convenience, comfort and safety in any tourniquet application. With the expanded line of contour and small adult cuffs, the clinician can feel secure that procedural demands will be met without sacrificing patient comfort and safety. The following medical tourniquet features can help you create “Your Circle of Confidence.”

Contour and Small Adult Cuffs*

Engineered to fit virtually any size or shape of limb, providing the ultimate in patient comfort and clinician confidence.

Protection Sleeves

Designed to complement Zimmer Biomet tourniquet cuffs and protect the patient from soft tissue damage.

90º Ports

Help keep hoses clear of the surgical site.


Slim design means easy cleaning for comfortable wearing, time and time again.

Single/Dual Bladder Options

Offers clinicians convenient choices for cuff style and sizing. Single bladder cuffs available in all sizes. Dual bladder cuffs available in selected sizes.

Positive Locking Connectors

Helps prevent unintentional detachment from regulator hoses.

High Quality Material

Latex-free and durable, manufactured to withstand any procedural demand.

Low-Profile Design

Slim and lightweight for enhanced performance and patient comfort. Designed to provide less surgical obstruction.

Single/Dual Port Options

All cuff styles are available in both single and dual port configurations, allowing for use with any A.T.S. tourniquet regulator. Single port cuffs for use with Zimmer single port Tourniquet Systems. Dual port cuffs for use with Zimmer dual port Tourniquet Systems.

Zimmer Biomet offers a comprehensive line of surgical tourniquet cuffs on the market:

Contour Cuffs* – For use when standard A.T.S. cylindrical cuffs do not conform to actual limb shapes. Designed for ultimate fit and performance on contoured adult limbs. Unique design and adjustable fasteners allow an ultimate fit on a wide range of limb shapes and sizes.

Small Adult Cuffs* – For use when regular adult tourniquet cuffs are wider or longer than required for surgery. Unique P-shaped design minimises tourniquet-related obstruction of the surgical site. Available in Extra Small (3 in. [8cm] wide) and Small (3.5 in. [9cm] wide).

* Manufactured by Delfi Medical Innovations, Inc.

Reusable Cuffs

  • Available in A.T.S. cylindrical, contour or small adult styles
  • Durable, high-quality material for longer wear
  • Single and dual-bladder options
  • Single and dual-port options

Limb Protection Sleeves

  • Specific designs for A.T.S. cylindrical, contour, and small adult cuffs
  • Shown to be more effective than other forms of limb protection1
  • Help protect skin from wrinkling, pinching and shearing
  • Help prevent tourniquet contamination
  • Do not clog cuff closure material
  1. New Limb Protection Sleeves For Zimmer A.T.S. ® Automatic Tourniquet Systems. 2002, 2004; USA.

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