Surgical Solutions

Zimmer Biomet’s comprehensive and customisable surgical products promote efficiency to save you time and money all while creating successful outcomes for your patients.



Delivering Patient-Specific Pressure

The goal of Zimmer Biomet’s surgical tourniquet systems is not just to stop patient blood flow – it’s to deliver the minimum amount of tourniquet pressure at a specific time, with a specific cuff, for a specific limb. Available with disposable or re-usable cuff options, our technology calculates the patient’s pressure at an individual level and then applies the minimum amount of tourniquet pressure needed to occlude the limb.


Saw Blades

Creating Surgical Control

There’s more to a surgical blade than the sharpness of its teeth. Designed to create surgical control, Zimmer Biomet’s surgical saw blades stabilise erratic motion, minimise heat during bone resection, and therefore, minimise the potential for thermal necrosis. Available in a broad range of sizes and tooth configurations, each size and tooth configuration is designed to achieve straight, accurate, clean-cut surfaces necessary for proper implant seating. We offer a variety of blade designs to accommodate the entire scope of reconstructive surgery needs.


Bactisure Wound Lavage

Bactisure Wound Lavage is an aqueous solution used to remove debris, including microorganisms, from wounds using pulsed (jet) lavage. The solution is successful at removing structurally resistant forms of bacteria, including biofilms, on all wound types.


Wound Debridement

Zimmer Biomet’s pulse lavage products deliver unmatched versatility in the market. The Pulsavac® Plus Wound Debridement System offers choice with its power supply featuring battery-powered and AC-powered operation. You can choose from two grip positions for both handpieces, which come equipped with up to 9 different tips.


Personal Protective Apparel

At Zimmer Biomet, we understand the challenges surgeons and staff face in the OR because we’re in the OR with them. That’s why we’ve teamed up with surgeons to develop the TotalShield® Surgical Helmet System based on what they are about most: Comfort and Protection.

The TotalShield System has an expansive field of vision and adjustable comfort settings that are all designed to preserve technique.


Skin Grafting

For more than 50 years, Zimmer Biomet has been committed to precision when it comes to skin grafting. Our commitment to precision helped evolve the safety, set-up, and cleaning of the Zimmer Biomet dermatomes and skin meshing systems.

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