Persona® Revision Knee

The Power to Personalise™


The Persona Revision Knee System expands the Persona Knee System to provide a portfolio of personalised knee care in order to replicate a patient’s anatomy and offer an individualised fit in partial, primary and revision knee arthroplasties.


  • Knee Reconstruction
  • Revision Knee Reconstruction


  • Anatomic Reconstruction
  • Zonal Fixation
  • Soft Tissue Balance


  • Revision Knee

The Persona Revision Knee System provides proven1-3 solutions to help improve patient outcomes

  • Persona Revision boasts one of the most clinically proven1-3  biological fixation portfolios on the market with over 20 years of successful clinical use.
  • Persona Revision Knee System is an evolutionary refinement of its predecessors: Persona the Personalised Knee, NexGen® Legacy® Constrained Condylar Knee (LCCK), Natural-Knee® II, and Vanguard® SSK/360 Revision Knee System. The design and material properties of these systems have a combined clinical history of over 55 years on the market.4-7
  • In vitro, the Persona Anatomic Tibia has demonstrated 92% bone coverage with proper rotation8

System Features

The Persona Revision Knee System’s personalised implants, precise instrumentation and proven technologies give surgeons the ability to personalise their surgical experience to best meet the needs of each patient.

Personalised Implants

Achieve an individualised fit with an array of anatomic components including tibial and femoral cones and numerous stem choices to address fixation needs.

Precise Instrumentation

Supports a personalised approach that allows surgeons to individualise the surgical experience based on the patient’s bone and joint condition.9-12

Proven Technology

Boasts one of the most clinically proven1-3 biological fixation portfolios on the market with premium bearing technology designed to protect against oxidation and maintain wear resistance.9-12


Standard Femur and Plus Femur featuring Flexion Fill™ Design

Posterior Stabilized (PS) Bearing, Constrained Posterior Stabilized (CPS) Bearing, Constrained Condylar Knee (CCK) Bearing

Straight, splined and tapered stems available in multiple lengths and diameters

Anatomic Tibial Baseplate to achieve proper rotation, bone coverage and minimization of offset stem use

Fixation with Trabecular Metal Material designed to facilitate bony in-growth


Zonal Fixation

  • Persona Revision Trabecular Metal Cones provide a solution to effectively fill bone defects to closely replicate patient’s normal anatomy. The proven1-3 Trabecular Metal material facilitates biological fixation and distributes loads closer to the joint line.

Soft Tissue Balance

  • In an effort to address joint instability, Persona Revision’s multiple femoral components in varying sizes and a vast continuum of bearing constraints provide surgeons the tools to help achieve a stable knee.

Streamlined Delivery System

  • Efficient kitting strategy with modular brackets allows for adaptable tray configurations to help eliminate nonessential instrumentation.

Additional Information

Surgical Techniques

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