Persona® Partial Knee

Building on a clinically proven legacy,1,2 the Persona Partial Knee is redefining personalisation in fixed bearing partial knee design providing:

  • Personalized, compartment-specific implant shapes based on the Persona® Total Knee3
  • Precise, efficient instrumentation
  • Proven Vivacit-E Vitamin- E Polyethylene6-10
  • Good results in clinical results to date4*,5
  • An ergonomic spacer block technique with fewer steps**

Clinically Proven Legacy1,2

The Persona Partial Knee carries forward design elements of the Zimmer Miller Galante (M/G) Uni, which showed 98% survivorship at 10 years and 90% at 20 years1

In a study by Berger, RA. et al. thirty-nine Miller Galante Uni knees (80%) had an excellent result, six (12%) had a good result, and four (8%) had a fair result.2

Persona Partial Knee has its own clinical results too! 643 Persona Partial Knees were implanted, and two-year results demonstrated:4

  • 98.9% survivorship at two years
  • 97.3% of patients were satisfied or very satisfied with the results of surgery

Personalised Implants

Persona Partial Knee surgeon developers and engineers studied the morphology of thousands of bones, representing a diverse global population, including use of ZiBRA™ virtual resection technology.

ZiBRA technology was used to design implants for the Persona Knee Family, aiming to provide a more precise fit without compromise.

Proven Bearing Technology6-10: Vivacit-E® Vitamin-E HXPE***

  • Vivacit-E Polyethylene is actively stabilized with Vitamin-E designed to protect against oxidation and maintain wear resistance5 and strength5-9 throughout the life of the implant
  • This proprietary material is designed to meet the demands of today’s fixed bearing partial knee patients5-9
  • Anterior and posterior locking tabs facilitate a secure fit with the tibial tray

* Latest products participating in Beyond Compliance can be found at

** Compared to Zimmer Miller Galante Uni. The M/G trademark is owned by Smith & Nephew.

*** Laboratory studies are not necessarily indicative of clinical performance.


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