OSSIS Pelvic Custom Implants

Zimmer Biomet is the exclusive distributor of OSSIS custom implants for Asia Pacific. OSSIS has considerable expertise designing and manufacturing 3D printed products. The custom implants are created for the specific patient in close consultation with the prescribing surgeon.

A direct surgeon to designer communication where a surgeon can convey what is clinically required and the designer can detail it within engineering confines. This holistic approach is key to ensure the surgeon and patient receive the very best implant design, even for the most complex of cases. The design and production processes have been developed to ensure a rapid turnaround that is market leading.

The OSSIS custom implant range comprises the following pelvic prosthesis offerings:

  • AceOs™ is an acetabular custom implant for revision and primary surgeries for patients with, but not limited to, osteolysis, pelvic dissociation, fractures, loosening, trauma and dysplasia
  • HemiPelvis is a custom implant to be used in oncology surgeries, where the implant is designed to fill the area remaining after tumour resection and provide a stable hip joint.

OSSIS Pelvic Custom Implants include:

  • Preplanned cup size and orientation to allow for a defined size acetabular liner and femoral head, as well as a patient-specific orientation
  • Selected bone removal so that bone excision is kept to a minimum
  • Patient matched flanges designed to contour the patient’s anatomy
  • Optimized screw placement for fixation into higher quality bone and improved pull-out strength
  • Porous scaffold 3D printed onto all bone facing surfaces to promote osseointegration
  • Cap screw in centre of custom cup of all AceOs™ implants to allow for bone graft to be packed behind prosthesis
  • Soft tissue attachment points that are optimally located on the HemiPelvis implant for soft tissue reconstruction.

HyProtect™ coating (optional with OSSIS custom implants).

From Bio-Gate AG in Germany, HyProtect™ is an ultrathin plasma coating which protects the surfaces of medical implants against bacterial colonisation. It is a combination layer made of pure silver and polysiloxane.

For more information on OSSIS, please visit their website at www.ossis.com


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OSSIS Limited
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Disclaimer- AceOs and Hemipelvis range is also available as Patient Matched Implants, subject to patient’s anatomical requirements

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