Echo® Hip System

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The Echo® Femoral Hip System offers a modern metaphyseal loading fit and fill design to address increasing hospital demands for both primary and fracture applications. Four stem options with various fixation modes address the distinct needs of each patient, while the customisable instrumentation platform provides enhanced surgical workflow.

The Echo Femoral Hip System offers 4 stem designs with a wide range of sizing options to best meet patient needs and accommodate various surgical approaches:

  • Echo Bi-Metric® stem provides clinically proven1-5 proximal porous fixation in a traditional fit and fill design
  • Echo FX™ stem showcases a versatile design for cementless or cemented application in the treatment of fractures or total hip arthroplasty

The Echo Bi-Metric stem is a metaphyseal loading, fit and fill primary hip prosthesis with PPS® coating that promotes porous proximal fixation. The stem builds upon the heritage of the clinically proven Integral® and Bi-Metric® hip stems 1-3 while integrating new design features to better meet patient needs. Key design features include:

  • PPS coating applied to the proximal portion of the stem allows for initial scratch-fit stability and long-term biological fixation9,10
  • 3º bi-planar taper provides physiological proximal load transfer and optimal implant-to-patient fit6,8
  • Full and reduced proximal profile options accommodate a wide range of femoral canals, such as Dorr type C femurs
  • Titanium alloy substrate allows for stress transfer to preserve cortical density6,7
  • Sizing options: 7-21 (1mm increments) accommodate varying anatomies
  • Standard (135°) and high (130°) offsets allow for intra-operative adjustment without lengthening the leg
  • Medialised insertion hole offers ease of insertion

The Echo FX stem femoral component is a cobalt chrome substrate with an Interlok® surface finish, allowing for cemented or press-fit application. Modern design features are included to provide a versatile, dual-purpose implant option for the hip fracture market. Key features include:

  • Fit and fill geometry designed to fill the metaphysis to enhance rotational stability
  • Roughened Interlok finish promotes secure bone on-growth fixation
  • Collared neck transfers stress to the calcar region and reduces subsidence
  • Standard (135°) and high (130°) offset to allow for intra-operative adjustment without lengthening the leg
  • Reduced proximal profile provides optimal fit for Type C or stove pipe canal often associated with elderly hip fracture patients
  • Sizing Options: Offered in 2mm increments ranging from 7mm - 17mm
  • PMMA distal stem positioner provides for a consistent cement mantle; distal centralisers available in 1mm increments

The Echo Bi-Metric stems are built upon the heritage of 2 implants: the Integral® and Bi-Metric femoral components. Backed by over 20 years of clinical use 1-3 the Echo Bi-Metric stems enhance existing features of each offering and provide additional benefits to better meet patient needs.

  • 100% Survivorship at 7 years1 – Echo Bi-Metric Femoral Stem
  • 98% Survivorship at 12 years4 – Integral Femoral Stem
  • 100% Survivorship at 20 years5 – Bi-Metric Femoral Stem
  • PPS® Porous Plasma Spray


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