A.L.P.S.® Total Foot System

Designed for Challenging Foot Surgery

The A.L.P.S.® Total Foot System offers a comprehensive, set of plating options that are anatomically contoured to address osteotomies, fusions, and fractures in the forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot. Strategically designed regions of flexibility allow the surgeon to accommodate individual anatomic variations without compromising strength. The system also offers a wide array of locking and non-locking screw options that incorporate F.A.S.T. Guide® Technology. The broad, flexible system of implants and instruments provides practical, user-friendly solutions that help optimise OR efficiency.

  • Intraoperative flexibility for customised solutions
  • F.A.S.T. Guide® Technology for OR efficiency
  • Comprehensive system of plates, screws, and instruments, including:
    • Single Joint Fusion Plates
    • Dorsal Midfoot Fusion Plates
    • Lateral Column Lengthening Plates
    • Lapidus Plate
    • Medial Column Fusion Plate
    • Locking Calcaneal Plate
    • 1st Metatarsal Fusion Plates
    • Talar Neck Fracture Plate
    • Navicular Fracture Plate
    • Web and Straight Plates
    • Compression Wires
    • Locking Multi-Directional Screws
    • Low Profile Non-Locking Screws
    • Low Profile Locking Screws

Consider these important design features:

  • Flexible system design allows intra-operative customisation of constructs
  • Low profile plate design and smooth implant surface designed to minimise soft tissue irritation
  • Engineered from TiMAX® material for strength, biocompatibility, and enhanced imaging capabilities
  • F.A.S.T. Guide® Technology eliminates the need for intra-operative assembly when drilling for locking screws
  • F.A.S.T. Guide® colour-coding makes plate identification easy
  • Cup and cone reamers aid in the preparation of metatarsophalangeal joints for arthrodesis
  • 1st MTP fusion plate benders designed to bend both small and large 1st MTP fusion plates
  • All screw options maintain same plate profile
  • Single or lateral row
  • Self-tensioning screw-in anchor


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