StageOne™ Select Hip Cement Spacer Molds

Personalised Fit and Optimal Elution


The StageOne™ Select Hip Spacer System consists of independent femoral and acetabular molds with interchangeable sizing options to create an articulating hip spacer accommodating various patient anatomies.

Personalised - Fully Customisable to Patient Needs

Featuring a stainless reinforced stem for increased spacer strength and modular neck length options to adjust leg length and retain soft tissue tension, the StageOne Select Hip Spacer is an innovative way to care for patients. The modular system provides 150 different sizing options to accommodate individual patient anatomy allowing for greater degree of joint motion.

Textured Surface for Optimal Elution

Increases surface area to help promote higher antibiotic elution.1

Improved Function

Independent femoral and acetabular articulating spacers permit a greater degree of joint motion and improved function prior to the second-stage reimplantation when compared to non-articulating spacers.2

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