Persona® The Personalized Knee


Zimmer Biomet is redefining knee arthroplasty and ushering in a new era of personalization with the introduction of the Persona Knee. The Persona Knee System is a more personalized and anatomically accurate knee implant, focusing on the unique needs of the patient, surgeon, and institution.

We used our knowledge of the natural movement of the knee to develop the Persona Knee System. Working with over 50 of the most respected orthopaedic surgeons worldwide and utilizing analytics from 1,500 different bone types representing 26 ethnicities and both genders, our goal was to come as close as possible to the remarkable mechanics of the human body where form truly does follow function.

The result is the Persona Knee System, the most anatomically accurate knee implant available.

The Persona Knee:

  • Is the most anatomically accurate size increments in a knee implant system
  • Provides uncompromising fit
  • Allows for intuitive alignment accuracy
  • Facilitates natural knee motion
  • Reduces the need for surgical compromises, optimizing patient outcomes


Note: Limited availability outside the US.

Persona Knee System features include:

  • Innovative anatomic and morphologic knee implant designs
  • Comprehensive sizing with tighter increments
  • Side-specific tibiofemoral articulation
  • Side-specific kinematics with differential conformity articulation
  • Cruciate retaining and posterior stabilized philosophies
  • Five constraint options offering a continuum of stability  
  • Integrated intelligent instruments

The Persona Knee utilizes legacy anatomic patellofemoral component designs with decades of clinical history. It features asymmetric cruciate retaining femoral condyles with demonstrated differential rollback, and a posterior stabilized multi-radius cam for consistent posterior rollback.

The Persona Knee incorporates an implant design that accommodates up to 155 degrees for CR, MC, and PS or 145° for UC, of safe high flexion as required in daily activities.

Personalized Implants

The Persona Knee is the most globally comprehensive morphologic knee system available with intuitive alignment accuracy. For example, the innovative tibiofemoral kinematic implant design facilitates more natural knee motion. 

The legacy anatomic patellofemoral groove restores the physiologic balance needed to achieve efficient knee flexion and proper patellar tracking.

The morphological component sizing increments of the Persona Knee aid in reproducible ligamentous balance. Side-specific (left and right) tibiofemoral articulation accommodates natural side-specific kinematics. Small-statured anatomies are also addressed with components specifically designed to provide an uncompromising, bone-conserving fit.

Precise Instrumentation

The Persona Knee facilitates intuitively achieved results by reducing surgical compromises and increasing surgical efficiency. “Intelligent” instrumentation equips the surgeon with increased precision and ease in aligning to patient anatomy and achieving physiologic balance.

A fully integrated Persona Instrument System enables surgeon-selected instruments to be configured to complement a personal surgical technique, resulting in a highly-intuitive system that increases surgical efficiency. Many innovative instruments increase efficiencies and streamline procedures, and ergonomically designed instrumentation provides greater intuitiveness. Finally, the custom kitting options help optimize surgical efficiencies.

Proven Technology

The Persona Knee is composed of proven technologies for improved wear, strength and fit. It features Vivacit-E® Vitamin-E Highly Crosslinked Polyethylene for a bearing that provides exceptional oxidative stability, ultra-low wear, and improved strength.

The Persona Knee features clinically proven Trabecular Metal™ Technology, which is structured to function like bone, allowing biological fixation, providing long-term fixation, reducing wear, and maintaining bone quality.

Several features of the Persona Knee contribute to longevity. The “active stabilization” Vitamin-E grafted polyethylene is formulated to balance and maintain mechanical strength, ultra-low wear, and oxidation resistance for the long term.1

The anatomic tibial component has improved backside wear performance due to its unrivaled locking mechanism and surface finish that virtually eliminates micromotion.

Additional Information

1. Data on file at Zimmer Biomet. Laboratory testing not necessarily indicative of clinical performance.

Note: Limited availability outside the US.


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