Knee Replacement Products

Patient Specific Solutions

Zimmer Biomet offers surgeons knee replacement solutions, with a comprehensive suite of orthopaedic knee implant products and instruments. Zimmer Biomet has a product designed to fit your patient’s unique challenges and conditions. More than one in three1 knee joint replacements implanted around the world is a Zimmer Biomet product, making us a trusted source for quality knee replacement products. With our comprehensive total knee systems, partial knee systems, bicruciate preserving arthroplasty systems and revision knee systems, our products empower surgeons to offer a patient specific approach for each knee replacement procedure.


Partial Knee Systems

Zimmer Biomet’s partial knee replacement systems are designed to provide patients with a joint preservation option. Many total knee replacement patients could be potential candidates for partial knee arthroplasty (PKA). Partial knee replacement patients have found to be more satisfied with their ability to perform activities of daily living.2


XPA (Bicruciate Preserving Arthroplasty)

Bicruciate Preserving Arthroplasty (XPA) allows healthy anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) and healthy posterior cruciate ligaments (PCL) to be preserved. By giving the surgeon options for preserving both the ACL and PCL, bicruciate preserving arthroplasty allows surgeons to not only restore mobility, but to preserve the natural function of the ligaments. Zimmer Biomet believes preservation of the ligaments is a key component in achieving patient satisfaction. XPA expands the possibility of ACL preservation to a wide range of patients. Today, Zimmer Biomet has the only orthopaedic portfolio offering surgeons both partial and total bicruciate retaining devices.


Total Knee Systems

Zimmer Biomet’s Total Knee Systems are designed with natural knee motion in mind. Our gender solutions compensate for the important differences between men’s and women’s knees. Zimmer Biomet also has fully customizable knee implant options. The mobile bearing systems feature advanced stability and wear characteristics, and our posterior stabilized systems are designed to accommodate the restoration of high-flexion daily activities.


Revision Knee Systems

Knee revision surgeries are increasing every year and are often complex and challenging. Zimmer Biomet offers a wide variety of solutions that address fixation, constraint, soft tissue and boney defect management challenges that are often encountered during revision knee arthroplasty. These systems offer unparalleled implant options and combinations allowing a patient specific approach to reconstruct the knee as individual anatomy dictates. Zimmer Biomet also offers a wide variety of cementless technologies.  

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